Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai
Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai
Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai
Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai
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Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai

The blue star is multinational manufacturing, marketing and designing company which is manufacturing a variety of electronic appliances under different brands in India. The blue star is a well-known brand in the production of Air conditioners and refrigerators. An air conditioner is an electronic gadget used for cooling a particular closed area, but due to any changes occur in air conditioner stops the working of AC in between working. An air conditioner provides home comfort by controlling temperature, humidity, air movement, and air quality. It can be a room- or central-cooling system. A conventional air conditioning system installed by Stafford Home Service is customized to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget. With the advancement of technology, these devices and systems have become more energy efficient. Bluestar AC Service Center in Mumbai Air conditioning lowers your home’s humidity, which is its most important benefit. Maintaining a home with low humidity keeps you healthier and prevents your home from becoming damp. The air conditioning can help make exercising indoors more comfortable and cool. The right temperature at home means you’re more likely to hit the treadmill or free weights after work instead of going home.

Blue star Spilt AC Service Center in Mumbai

Blue star Spilt AC Service Center in Mumbai

 As the warm air inside the house passes over the cold coil filled with refrigerant, it is cooled. During the refrigerant’s transition from a liquid to a gas, heat from indoor air is absorbed into it. During the night, the house is cooled with the cooled air. In the outdoor unit, the refrigerant gas is compressed before entering a large coil. The outside coil is used to reject heat absorbed from the house when the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and a fan pulls air through the coil to release the heat outside. As a result, cool air is returned to the home, and heat and humidity are removed from indoor air.

Blue star Window AC Service Center in Mumbai

Blue star Window AC Service Center in Mumbai

Common problems occur in Air conditioners:

Water leakage from air conditioner:

The reason behind this issue is improper maintenance of the air conditioner causes broken condensate pipe and leaks the water outside, and if there are any fungi forms in the condensate pipe leaks the water, so if the maintenance is over then it leads to occur water leakage.

A refrigerant leak from the AC:

Refrigerant performs a major function in the air conditioner which removes the heat and humidity from the air which is produced from AC. Due to the holes that occurred to the refrigerant lines and when the air conditioner is improperly installed in the room leads to a refrigerant leak from the air conditioner.

Dirty air filters:

Air filters are the main important for the clean and pollution or dust-free air from the air conditioner,so when the air filters are blocked with more dust or dirt particles causes dust air and decrease the efficiency and cooling levels of the air conditioner.

Compressor id damaged:

The compressor is one of the important parts which transfers the heat and regulates the air conditioner pressure, but due to blocked coils with dust and low refrigerant levels damage the compressor and also another reason is due to the over or under refrigerant levels in the air conditioner results this issue.

Frozen evaporator coil:

The evaporator coil produces Coola air from the air conditioner, but dust or dirt particles are blocked on the coil and if there is insufficient air supply for operation and due to insufficient warm air to the evaporator coil leads to the formation of ice on the evaporator coil and freezes it.

Failure in capacitor:

When the air conditioner is turned on the capacitor start the motor inside the air conditioner for running, but when the air conditioner is frequently turned on and turned off causes failure of the capacitor and power changes or overworking of the air conditioner heats the capacitor and fails it.

Low airflow from air conditioner:

When the air filters are blocked with any dust or dirt particles, and if the ducts or air vents are blocked or clogged with dust, problems in the blower motor cause weak airflow from the air conditioner and also another reason is low refrigerant levels in the air conditioner also result in this problem.

The above-explained problems commonly occur in all types of air conditioners, due to irregular maintenance or faults in any part of the air conditioner.

So for all those problems, there is a good repair centre which is providing hornets service to the customers. And that service centre is Blue Star AC Service Center In Mumbai.

Bluestar air conditioners

In addition to air conditioners, the most valuable household appliance, air conditioners are used to cool the surroundings. Cool air is the main purpose of air conditioners. During summer, air conditioners are used more often. The new air conditioners are equipped with inbuilt heaters that produce warm air so that in winter we could enjoy the recently-acquired air. Air conditioning uses this technology most often. An air conditioner can be classified into three types.

Types of air conditioners

Split air conditioners

The split air conditioner is the simplest type of air conditioner. This is commonly seen in offices, houses, etc. There are two parts to this air conditioner, a compressor, and an air conditioner. An air conditioner is fixed inside the house, while its compressor is situated outside the wall. Observing the current air quality in the room helps the compressor supply cool air to the space. Air conditioners are connected to compressors by copper pipes.

Duct air conditioners

Movie theatres and hotels with residential areas are most likely to have duct air conditioners. The ceilings contain these. Using the duct air conditioners, the users can cool quickly due to their big capacity. It is more expensive than split air conditioners. When the air conditioner is on, there is less noise. The design is seamless. The temperature can be easily controlled with this type of air conditioner.

Conventional air conditioners

The conventional air conditioner is the simplest type of air conditioner, and it is located in the middle of the space to the ceiling. A central air conditioner is also known as an air conditioner. Space is quickly cooled with these four-sided air conditioners. Shopping malls are the most common locations for these air conditioners. Air conditioners of this type are usually box-shaped

Cooling in 4D with a distance of 30 feet

4D cooling is the new feature in LG air conditioners. A total of four sides of cooling are provided by this process. A home’s corners should be cooled. With fast cooling, they can cool 30 feet away. 


The thermostat sensor in the air conditioner is located near the evaporator coil. According to the room’s temperature, the thermostat adjusts the cooling. A forced sensor can cause an air conditioner to turn on and off at random or cycle constantly if it is forced out of position. Sensor and evaporator coil should not be touching each other.


It is also possible for the drain pipeline to get clogged by dirt, algae, and dust. When water does not drain properly, meld, fungus, and mildew can grow. Your home can also be contaminated with glasses and bad odors. Keeping your drain line clean, inspected, and maintained will help prevent this. The drain may not function properly if the air conditioner is not mounted level.


When your air conditioner is running on a hot or humid day, water may leak outside. It is normal for leaks to occur outside in cooler temperatures since the unit can suddenly freeze up and leak when it melts. Water can leak outside your air conditioner for several reasons, including:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Low coolant levels
  • Broken condensate pan


Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil freezes when it does not receive enough air. Your air conditioner might freeze up and stop working due to a frozen evaporator coil. Insufficient airflow in the system can be caused by blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or a faulty fan. It is important to maintain a clean air filter to maximize airflow and indoor air quality.


Air conditioner controls and compressors get worn out when you frequently turn them on and off. To start the unit, a condenser fan motor, compressor, and blower motor are electrically connected. The motor and compressor may not turn on if there is a connection problem. The issue can be determined by checking the electrical connections.

The air conditioner is a mostly using electronic appliance in present days, but due to any faults in the air conditioner may not work, so for all those problems,

Blue Star AC Service Center in Mumbai is a most chosen service brand in Mumbai because it is providing excellent repairing with trained and professional technicians, we are solving the customer’s problems with friends and safely, with the affordable cost, we are repairing at the customer’s doorsteps, we will provide 24/7 honest repairing in Mumbai. If you are facing any issue with your air conditioner, don’t worry and call our Blue star AC service center and solve your problems easily and safely.

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